Monday, 30 July 2012

Homemade Chicken Broth-Individual Style

We made chicken drumsticks last night on the grill (with green beans! so tasty!!) and had the bones left over. I decided to make chicken broth with the left overs.  I use chicken broth in soups, gravies, mashed potatoes and sauces.

We pulled off the meat from the bones (which we used for sammys!) and then I tossed the bones in a pot with some water and a chicken bullion cube! You can add in celery, carrots, onion and other spices/herbs if you want, but because I use mine for a bunch of different things, I opted to keep it plain and simple. (Check out TasteofHome for their recipe) Once you've got everything in your pot, just let those little guys boil away.  The longer it boils, the more "chicken-y" it gets!

I usually put it in one big container, but realised that was pretty silly! So I saw (on Pinterest, of course) from theKitchn and she froze chicken broth in ice cube trays! GENIUS! Just let your chicken broth cool, pour it in the cubes and freeze! Bingo-bango-donezo!!!

Do make sure to wash your trays after you've used them or else your next drink will taste like chicken! Eeek!

PS: These little babies make a fantastic dog treat in the heat! Jasper loves them and ate it so fast I couldn't get a picture of his happy doggie face!

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