Friday, 27 July 2012

Gnarly Nails No More!

Okay-so...if you're like me, I often look down at my finger nails and go "ooo...those are a HOT mess" I blame it one having to clean and do dishes. I try to use this as a legitimate reason to get a maid, but the Mister doesn't agree.  ;)

I don't usually spend money on going to get a manicure, but thankfully my Momma taught me how to paint my nails :) I actually have the time today to do my nails because Jasper is at the vet getting to ol' snip-snip.  It broke my heart to leave him there and we've only had him a week!!!

But onto the nails!  Also-please note that I am not a licensed beauty stylist-just a lady who does her own thing.

Here is a great video on Youtube from fictionwriter04: How to give yourself a manicure. She uses a couple tools that I don't have on hand, but I just used clippers and a cutical pusher/hoof stick. To maintain super soft nails I will use vitamin E (you can also use Vaseline) once a week over night (all other nights I make sure to moisturise!!!).  Just put it on your hands (and feet!!!), then put socks/gloves on your puppies and sleep the night away.  You'll wake up with soft hands/feet!

Look at those hangnails! Eeekkk!!

My fingers are saying "aaahhhh-so nice!"

Woo-pink! I love pinks and reds on my fingers and toes.

Remember to love your hands and feet, they are so important to daily life and deserve an extra hug every once in a while!

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