Friday, 10 August 2012

I'm going to be a Mrs!

Hey-ohhh! We're facebook official! I'd love to sing and dance and do a jig (which I may have done when he asked and might be doing now just can't see it ;) )

The Mister and I are so excited to start the next chapter in our lives with little Jasper.  This new chapter brings new challenges too.  The first is that I was offered a job in New York (yay!), but the Mister will be staying in Toronto for a bit (not so yay).  But we have faith that it will all work out for the best and our life together will be full of grace and love.

Buuuttt! I LOVE MY RING! I mean, I love the Mister, but man oh man, do I love my ring! We (as I'm sure you all know) are deal finders and get super excited when we get a good one.  My ring was a great deal.  We checked out the jewellery stores, but they all seemed too generic and wanted too much money for what they were offering.

I'm a fan of Etsy and had been perusing the site for engagement rings.  I knew I wanted something that was a bit more vintage and delicate.  So, I found a fantastic designer, RareEarth on Etsy.  She does AMAZING work! She was fantastic to deal with and was able to create the ring I had been dreaming of.  Seeing as she has very little overhead, her prices are fantastic!! We went and got the piece appraised to ensure everything was as she said it was because we were worried about such a large purchase and being had, but the jeweller was super impressed with her work and confirmed we hadn't over paid and even made a little money on it! (Once again, not important, but it's key to make sound investments...I'm starting to sound like the Mister here).  So check her out, fall in love and treat yourself to a piece of jewellery!

So, here is my ring (gah, I'm so in love with it...I keep staring at it) I know it's a bit vain, but...eeee! Plus, RareEarth's work is just that good!

The first four photos are property of Lemony Love:


This one is probably my favourite because of the toy van in the back.  It was the Mister's from when he was a wee one! 

My dear friend from Beautifully Contained took this one! Don't mind the claw hand.

Anyway, we are SO EXCITED! The Mister is the truly the love of my life and I couldn't think of anyone else I'd want to spend my days with.


  1. Congrats Casey and the Mister!!!

  2. Congrats again! And good for you for finding such a beautiful ring, that's not from a chain store! Means so much more that way I think. I will definitely check out the site.

    1. Thanks so much! You should check her out (and the rest of Etsy)!!!