Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dresser Re-Do Part Two!

At last!!! It has been a crazy time for us recently (we got a dog!!! eee!!!!!) and our dressers have been sitting, filled with clothes, waiting for their debut! 

When I left off on my Dresser Re-Do Project, I had only finished stripping and sanding one dresser.  I got the Mister to help me strip and sand the second one!  We used a sander from our neighbour which made life so much easier! Handsome little devil hard at work!

So, we sanded them all down and then wiped them clean with a damp cloth to get all of the dust off. Then we applied the stain. I forgot to take picture when I was doing this (I blame the fumes!).  Anyway, we used sponge brushes, then waited 15 minutes and dabbed off the extra with a clean lint free towel.  Then you have to wait a couple of hours and you can apply another layer of stain if you want it to be darker.  I think we ended up doing...3 layers? Each time you have to wait the appropriate amount of time between coats.

Then we applied a coat of polyurethane, let it dry and called it a day!  We found some inexpensive knobs to use while I look for one that fit the dressers perfectly!

Dresser 1: 

Dresser 2:


Not bad for the first go! Have you re-done any furniture?

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