Friday, 18 May 2012

Dollar Store Art

So, I'm a fan of the dollar store for certain things.  You can usually get a pretty good deal  on stuff verses buying them elsewhere.  I will usually get certain spices (pepper, oregano, paprika), flower pots (terracotta pots), candles and art supplies.  I mean, sure they aren't the name brand stuff (usually) but for a buck, you can't beat it!

My most recent dollar store trip lead me down the path of art work. It is a bit of a combination of this neat-o idea from Peace, Love, Yoga, Cupcakes (check out her blog: it's truly inspirational!) Pinterest Board (check that out here).  The glue I had on hand was a bit too runny to do this, but I liked the idea.  Then I saw this idea from Domestic Imperfection (another great blog) and really liked THAT idea too.  So I merged the two! Paisley print on canvas!

The dollar store near us sells canvas, paint, brushes and stencils! WOOP! So all in all...the project cost me $7 (two canvases, 2 paints, stencils and brushes), which is not too bad!

So I painted each canvas (green and grey).  They were a little streaky (a downfall to dollar store products), so I painted the back of the canvas and that fixed the problem! Let them dry completely!

Then just lay out your stencil and dab the paint on.  Don't use a lot of pain, or else it will bleed! I alternated the colour (so green on the grey background and viceversa). 

I used two different stencils...and this is how they turned out! I like the silver one better! I think I'll put them in the washroom!

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