Sunday, 13 May 2012

Crusty Bread

I have a love of bread, any kind of bread, that might surpass my love of sweets.  I actually blame it on where I grew up because there was a bread factory on a major road we often drove down and the aroma wafting from the building was intoxicating.

I always look for bakery's and check to see what kind of breads they have to offer.  However, I usually (I have my moments of weakness though!) don't bring myself to pay $6 or more for a loaf of beautiful artisan bread. I've always had this idea that those delicious breads were so difficult to make until I found this recipe. My word, hold onto your hats because this is SO EASY! I found this recipe on Pinterest and followed it to Simply So Good.  You can find it here.

She gives fantastic step by step instructions, so I didn't bother to take too many photos as hers are great! I decided to try an olive and oregano loaf (ahhh-mazing!). This little guy is straight out of the oven: Hellloooo Dolly!

So, I didn't have sliced olives on hand, but I do have a handy dandy egg slicer (Thanks Mom!).  I use my egg slicer for anything that is soft (like an egg): mushrooms, olives, pickles, get the idea. It saves a lot of time and usually a bit of money, as pre-sliced things cost more. I put the olives through twice so the pieces would be a bit smaller.

I had to add a little bit (about 1/4 cup) more water (she calls for 1 1/2 cups).  I'm pretty sure it was because of the olives, but you want the dough to look like a sloppy mess. Cover that guy with plastic wrap and let sit overnight, this way you have a special treat for you when you wake up!

 I didn't take an after photo because I was too excited! It was HUGE! Oh the magic of fermentation!!!

Anyway, throw your pot in the oven: make sure to use an enamel covered cast iron pot.  Mine is one by Kitchenaid that I picked up last year when it was 50% off! But I'm sure you can find a great deal on them second hand because they can get pretty pricey. Just follow Simply So Good's directions and wait another hour your bread comes out and be prepared to be amazed.

I think tonight I'll make a chocolate chip and some sort of nut (toasted almond?)! Let me know if you try this bread and what you make!!


  1. Beautiful bread, Cas. I can't wait to try this combination. Thank you for spreading the love of this bread. It's such a great find. I really appreciate the link to my post. You're awesome!

  2. Eric and I were just talking about the bread factory the other day and how amazing the smell is! I usually get raisin cinnamon bread at the farmer's market, but maybe I'll try my hand at doing this instead :)