Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Kitchen Chaos

So, I'm not sure about you, but our pantry is always a mess.  I swear we put things away in there and when we close the doors, little pantry elves come out from the wood work and muck it all up. So...I'm blaming them ;)

It seemed that our pantry elves had been extra busy while I was away in London this past term.  So we decided to sort it out and give those little guys a new home...our closet! :)

Firstly...here are some pictures of our pantry pre-organisation...it's scary, so be prepared.

So, we pulled everything out and tried to figure out what system worked best for us.  Blissfully Domestic had some great tips when trying to consider how to get a new system: check out her tips here.  So we thought of what would work.  We decided to go by type of good (Beans, Pasta, Baking Goods etc.) and FIFO (First In-First Out: put the older stuff in the front so you use that first!).  The top shelf is dedicated to baking stuff  that I won't use as often, then things we use to cook with and the next shelf has snacks, drink mixes and condiments!

....Up close and personal (check out those sight lines)

                          The full pantry....

 I also have a bit of an obsession with Tupperware and it's a constant battle to keep it organised.  You can see in the full picture I've pulled two of the Mister's shoe boxes (shhh) and separated lids/containers.  I'm hoping this will help keep my love affair in order! :)

It's just the first day, but, I think this just might stick! I really like the idea of putting a whiteboard on the inside of the pantry door to keep track of what you use. I hope this inspires you to reorganise your pantry...it cost us no money and only took about 45 minutes!

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